Mini Count

I finished 5 minis yesterday, which brings me to 5 for the month and 28/150 for the year. I didn’t sleep much last night so I’m not sure any painting will get done today.

There are 22 more resin minis to do that will get started today or tomorrow. I took 22 pages of notes for color schemes. I’m not sure how sleep deprived I am currently but I’m sure at some point I won’t be able to follow my notes at all.

I did however go over to (this is not an ad, it’s something I actually use) and made a couple of timelines. One for just my resin mini project and then one for me to keep track of my work for the year with other notes I might need/don’t want to lose. It’s a great organizing tool for lots of things. I use it a lot when I write as well.

Here’s what it looks like so far:


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