Last Week

This past week has been full of real life stuff. It all had to be dealt with in a timely manner so no time for painting. I’d planned on being done with my SoB heroes but I’m not. I won’t have time to sit down and paint until tomorrow. At the very least I can get back at it Monday. My to-do list looks like this now though:

  • Serpent Grand Shaman
  • Sargent Bunker
  • Female & Male Outlaws
  • Female Gunslinger
  • Male Gunslinger #2
  • Male Rancher
  • Female Rancher #2
  • Female & Male Prospectors
  • Nun
  • Female US Marshal
  • Piano Player
  • Saloon Girl #2
  • Female Bandida
  • Male Bandido #2
  • Female & Male Orphans
  • Female Indian Scout
  • Female Sheriff
  • Female & Male Drifters

Only 9 more to go! The Male Prospector has been started but not finished with him yet, I didn’t write down colors for his mining gear so I need to really sit down and figure that out.

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