Making of a Mini Ma’al

This will be an ongoing project for a while since I will be doing it in between other projects.

So what’s a Mini Ma’al you ask? Well it’s the mash up of a Reaper Miniatures Bones Hydra and the wings of a Bones Rauthuros stuck together to make a miniature Tiamat like creature. The Ma’al is short for Ma’al Drakkar. It’s a model from Reaper that came out in their third Kickstarter, a HUGE 5 headed dragon. And by huge I mean huge. Here’s a picture with mini for scale (photo taken from the Kickstarter page, I did not take it):


It’s probably one of the most complicated things I’ve attempted since it involves converting two models into one. So wings and a Hydra and probably a lot of green stuff will be involved. I haven’t gotten much further than gluing the heads on the Hydra’s body and then cutting the wings to sort of fit the body. I’ll post more as I get a little further in. But as always, thanks for looking!

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