Mini Ma’al: Update 1

I’ve gotten quite a bit of work done on this since my last post. First I took a Reaper Bones Hydra model (SKU: 77191) and the wings from the Reaper Bones version of Rauthuros (SKU: 77111).


I then cut up the wings into two pieces and carved out an approximation of the shape of the shoulder joints that I wanted. I think I did this fairly successfully on the wing on the right but could have shaved down the left one a bit more.


I then took the heads of the Hydra and glued them to the body so I could get a better idea of what kind of angles I wanted the wings to sit at.


Once I was happy with the angles I marked where I wanted them to go. I then started up with the green stuff.


Now I’ve never done much work with GS. The most I’ve done with it was some gap filling. There was a lot of trial and error with this. I ended up with about the same amount of GS on both sides. I made the mistake of letting the GS cure too long before I sculpted the scales. There are a couple sculpted into it in the picture above. I did this right after I applied it. It was too sticky to continue after those so I let it cure fully, which was a bad idea.

I ended up, after both sides had been applied, taking the wings and all the GS I’d laid down and ripping it all off and starting over. I had tried to sculpt scales with my hobby knife but it wasn’t working. I don’t have pictures of this.


I ended up super gluing the right side before I added the GS giving me a much smaller area to work with. I gave the GS about an hour to cure before I started sculpting and that helped a lot.

Unfortunately, the left side did not stay on when I tried to super glue it. I tried gluing it a couple times but it just didn’t work, I think this was due to the shape of the joint not being as flush to the Hydra as the right side was. So I ended up using just GS to hold the wing on. This was difficult and as a result I have a bunch of GS underneath the wing and body to support it. I’m not terribly happy with the scales on the left side but I figure I can go in with paint and make them a little better later.


This is what it looks like from the front. I may boil the wings to adjust the shape some but haven’t totally decided on that yet. I need to go back and wash it again and then prime it with some liner. After that it might be a while before a next update, I have to order some paint before I can start the painting.

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