April 2018 Goals

Last month got crazy busy. I’m still here. I’ve been working on cleaning up the painting area but it’s definitely a huge work in progress. I didn’t get anything painted last month because of all that. However! I have set goals for this month. (I do this every month but just now thought to actually share that here.)

So! Here is what I have/want to do in April:

-Take Minivember photos and put up a blog/show off post. (Why I haven’t done this already is beyond me.)
-Start painting Isabeau
-Start painting Mini Ma’al
-Add new core paints to swatch book that is currently completed.
-Start prepping the second swatch book for my other lines of paints (HD, Bones, other companies).
-Color scheme the Shadows of Brimstone minis that don’t have painting guides with them.
-Start painting SoB.

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