A Few Notes and Shadows of Brimstone


  • Minivember photos are coming, I’ve taken almost all of them and the ones I have have been edited. So keep an eye out for those soon. They’ll probably just go into a portfolio but I will make a blog post letting y’all know that it is up.
  • Mini Ma’al is on hold, I’m waiting on paint that should be here today or tomorrow.
  • Alongside Mini Ma’al I’m painting up the Reaper Bones Isabeau Laroche to resemble Captain Marvel. I’ll make a post about her when I really get going on it.


Now for some Shadows of Brimstone news. Wave 2 got to us quite a while ago. I’ve recently received a couple more miniatures for it (as if there aren’t enough of them.) Anyway, I’m going to start painting that within the week.

All but the two resin enemies I own are assembled. The plastic ones have been cleaned and primed. The resin minis need another cleaning, since one wasn’t enough to remove the mold release, and then primed.

There are about 140 minis that need painting. I sat down yesterday and made up color schemes for minis that didn’t come with painting guides.

For the plastic enemy minis I plan on using the Army Painter Shadows of Brimstone paint sets. It limits me greatly in color palette but it will make things go much faster. Even faster than that will be the ones with painting guides as I plan on following those directions, they are very handy and will, again, speed up the process. About 1/3 of the enemy types have guides so that leaves me with a lot that do not have them. But I’m able to use the guides to pick colors for like enemies, for example the Wasteland Warlord and Wasteland Scavengers are going to have the same skin and tunic colors.

For all of the resin minis, 14 heroes and 2 enemies, I’ll use my Reaper paints because they are much easier to work with and this will make that go faster as well. I hope to have them all finished, heroes and enemies, by the end of June or July of this year (2018).


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