Personal Update 2

Things are settling down a little bit. I should be able to get back to the Tools of the Trade series soon. I can’t exactly say when soon is but I am working on it in the meantime. I’ve taken almost all of the Minivember ’17 photos. There are a few that need reshot because they’re pretty blurry. I want them to be the best the can be since it’s taken so long.

I am still working on projects. Many new and some continuing. On the table currently:

  • Mini Ma’al
  • Ma’al Drakar
  • Sphinx
  • Brand Oathblood, Barbarian

There are also several lined up when I get some of those completed:

  • Kassandra of the Blade
  • Shub-Niggurath
  • Isabeau Laroche

These are all Reaper miniatures. I believe that most of them are available for sale currently.

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