August Goals!

So it’s August. The year has flown by but there is still so much painting to be done.

I’ve sat down and figured out a list of things that I want to do and need to do to be happy with progress by the end of the year.


Now this may look like a lot because…well, it is. But I’ve got it broken down into chunks that may help.

First :

Stages of Completion:

  1. Marth is currently my number one WIP it is due by August 19th if I want to enter this contest (I really, really do.)
  2. Frost Giant Queen is in flux as to when it is do since it will be a giveaway on IG soon(TM).
  3. Beastman…I should do him today because he is needed tomorrow (8/5/18).
  4. Ma’al is currently a WIP. Probably won’t need him until 2020, maybe.
  5. Mini Ma’al is also WIP. Currently anticipating needing it by Christmas.
  6. Brand is a WIP. Only needs a little more to go but might not need him for a while.
  7. Kassandra of the Blade I have not started. Need her by September 10th, maybe?
  8. SoB Wave 2… I’ve painted 2 of them…Minivember will help solve some of this problem.
  9. Isabeau Laroche. Have not started, no needed date as she’s just a fun project.
  10. Shub-Niggurath. Haven’t started yet but feel I may need it sooner than expected.


Broken down like this helps me see what I need to do and how much I actually have to do and by when. While this is not a concrete timeline…or really a timeline at all it’s the start of one.

So for AUGUST I plan to:

  • Finish Marth
  • Paint Beastman
  • Start Frost Giant Queen
  • Go on Vacation!
  • Have fun on Vacation!


I’m still working on the next Tools of the Trade post, I haven’t forgotten about it I’ve just been incredibly busy but I am working on it. Those may end up being sporadic for a while until life slows down a little.

So with all that said, thanks for looking as always and hope to see you back soon!

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