All Minis Eve: Step-by-Step pt. 1

This is a long post but bear with me.

In my last post I mentioned All Minis Eve. This is very similar to Minivember but with a couple of twists.

  1. I will make and utilize a “Halloween countdown calendar.”
  2. This will be mini themed. Instead of candy in each pouch there will be a mini.
  3. I will not know what minis I will be painting so I will have to do prep and planning the same day. This will work by having someone else (in my case my Husband) to put minis in the pouches by the first of October.

Anyway onto the calendar!

I’ve put a lot of planning into how I’m going to do this. I’ve gathered most of the materials and will post a step-by-step with as much detail as possible. So here goes.

Materials that I’ve gathered thus far:

  • Fabric (1.5 yards)
  • Halloween ribbon (1.5″ wide)
  • Felt (I bought tan and black to coordinate with the fabric I bought. I bought 6 sheets, 3 of each color. All measuring 9″x12″.)
  • Thread of varying colors (I currently have orange and black, I will get more colors later on for how I’m going to do part of it.)
  • Pen/Pencil/Sharpie/Fabric Pencil (Basically something that will write on the fabric and felt.)
  • Tape measure (Fabric or otherwise. I’m using a tape measure because I don’t have a yard stick.)
  • Fabric glue (Make sure it doesn’t say “do not/not recommended for felt.)
  • Assorted craft needles



I started by writing out measurements, these have changed since my initial drawing and will change slightly due to hem allowances.


Now onto the felt. I cut the tan felt into 33 3×3″ squares and one 3×9″ square.


I then took a document program, in my case Google Docs and printed out the numbers 1-31 and the title All Minis Eve (I printed this one out in the largest font available). I’ve yet to decide if I want to use the apostrophe in the word minis.

I was able to more or less cut out the letters as they look on the page. The numbers however were much less forgiving. I glued the numbers onto each felt square with a couple left over.

I will next take my orange thread and sew over each number to make them pop a little more. I will show this off in the next post!

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