October 2018 Goals and Updates

Some quick updates. 

  • Minivember for this year is a go. The All Mini’s Eve thing fell through for this year but I will finish the calendar and start it next October.
  • Still working on getting some Tools of the Trade stuff going. That has been put on pause way too long so I hope to get at least one post up this month.

On to the Mini’s updates!

  • Marthrangul is finished! I need to take and post photos still. I have a couple on Instagram but he needs better photos.
  • I’ve started the Frost Giant Queen. She will be a giveaway so I’m hoping to get her some before I have to run it.
  • I’m un-shelving the 3 remaining Fire Giants that I was working on a while ago.
  • I’ve painted up Kassandra of the Blade and the Mystic Circle recently, those need sealer and photos.

Currently shelved:

  • Ma’am Drakkar
  • Mini Ma ‘al
  • Isabeau Laroche
  • Shub-Niggurauth


  • Finish Frost Giant Queen
  • Start on the Angel of Shadows for a Facebook contest.
  • Seal many minis.
  • Take photos.
  • Continue to work on the All Mini’s Eve calendar.
  • Finish organizing Minivember: The Last.

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