December 2018 Goals

It’s December already?! It’s time for another monthly post of my goals for the month. I don’t have too many new goals but do have a lot of work to do on old goals. I dropped the ball on making a post last month but most of my goal was to finish Minivember. And I completed that last night, November 30th, around 8:45 PM PST. 

Updates on things I posted in my October Goals post:

  • Still working on Frost Giant Queen.
  • Did not even attempt the Angel of Shadows contest for various reasons.
  • Still need to take photos of Marth.
  • Still need to continue putting together October advent calendar.

Everything was shelved last month due to Minivember. 


  • Diorama for a friend. This may or may not get a WIP post set.

So onward to DECEMBER:

  • Take and post Minivember 2018 photos.
  • Finish Frost Giant Queen for Instagram giveaway.
  • Coordinate mini swap for January.
  • Pick up some shelved things:
    • Tianot
    • Mini Ma’al
    • Frost Giant Queen as mentioned above.
  • Prepare to bring normally scheduled Tools of the Trade posts.

I’m limiting myself to these three things because the holidays will probably suck up most of my hobby time, which is totally okay. So anyway I’ll conclude this by saying happy holidays to all and hopefully I’ll be back before next year.

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