Minivember: The Last, A Final Update

I finished Minivember about 9 PM last night. I will sometime this week sit down and take good photos and a group shot. If I’ve done my math right I’ve painted 77 minis in the last month. This is obviously well above the 30 mini mark but this only adds up to 30 unique sculpts. 

I still have more Shadows of Brimstone minis to do. That is all I did over the past month but I probably have about 55 more minis to do to finish up the game. Hopefully, this will be finished before the Forbidden Fortress expansions arrive.

This has been a bittersweet past month. I will no longer be participating but highly encourage anyone else who want to try it to give it a go. I have noticed a lot of people doing it this year and that makes me all the happier.

Thanks for following along and keep an eye out for the official announcement of next year’s big project.

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