February 2019 Goals

Where did January go? No matter where it went I’m sure it’ll be back eventually. It’s the first of February so it’s time for a monthly goals post.

First some updates:

  • I finished the Frost Giant Queen! The giveaway is still running through tomorrow so if you want to enter head over to my Facebook page or Instagram and give it a shot. You can find a link to both at the bottom of this page. But hurry! It only runs through tomorrow (02/02/2019) and ends at 11:30 AM PST.
Frost Giant Queen
  • I still have a TON of photos to take and upload. However! I finally found my camera charger that I misplaced so I can take much nicer photos.
  • I started back up on my Tools of the Trade series at the beginning of the year. Except for yesterday’s post (which will be posted tonight) they’ve all been on time. Keep an eye out for those every other Thursdays. Also, if there’s anything you are remotely interested in that is minis or minis adjacent you’d like me to cover please leave me a comment down below!

Next up, things I finished painting last month:

  • All 3 dark elves
  • Bathalian D’Khul
  • Ghoul Queen

I started on the, Reaper Bones, Arachnid Warrior and Arachnid Archer (Driders) but they are not finished yet.

I am going to start back up on those Fire Giants that I have shelved this month and hopefully get at least one of them done before the 10th.

Anyway, here are my goals for February:

  • Finish the two arachnid people.
  • Finish up the three (3) Fire Giants I have remaining.
  • Work on printing out my Maiden of the High Seas boat PDFs so I can start assembling it.
  • Coordinate with artist about art for All Mini’s Eve calendar. I hope to have this finished by June.
  • I want to pick Ma’al Drakar back up and make some big progress on it. And while I’m at that I’ll pick up Mini Ma’al and finish that up since it just needs a few highlights.
  • Do more research and planning for my two dioramas.

Last but not least DON’T PANIC. Reaper Bones 4 is coming! Soon! But I must focus on current projects before I start up a lot of new ones.

Here’s to February, hope it’s a productive month for all!

Happy painting!

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