July 2019 Goals

I’ve got a lot I want to do but I’ve parsed it down into just a few things.

  1. Mail off mini swap mini.
  2. Spend time with nieces and family.
  3. Finish fire giants from Bones 3 and start on Bones 4 giants.
  4. Work on Ma’al.

One: Pretty self explanatory. Just need to address it and make it to the post office.

Two: Family is in town! We don’t get to see them often, a couple times a year, so we pack as much fun as we can into the time they are here. We are currently playing through Stuffed Fables. I, also, plan on bringing paints and minis over next week to paint with them. Now to sort through what I’ve got and see what I can part with.

Three: I’ve had these on the Shelf of Shame for quite some time now and really need to finish them. Then of course start on the new ones we just got.

Four: I need to get some work on it done but also need to figure out how to do some things but I need to work on it nonetheless.

Other: I’m still working on blogging it’s just going very slowly with the move and unpacking.

That’s all for now.

Happy painting!

– S

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