Minivember: One More Once!

So I didn’t get my All Mini’s Eve calendar done. But I knew I couldn’t put off some big challenge for myself. Thus leading to the decision to do Minivember again and maybe again next year if I still don’t get the calendar done, because life, but I’m really hoping I can get it together and finish it up as soon as possible.

As usual  I encourage anybody who is interested in it to participate.

The rules (these have changed a little):

  • Paint 30 (or more) unique minis.
    • This means you can paint a bunch of one sculpt but it only counts as 1 mini towards the count.
      • Example: I painted over 70 minis last year but because of the number of sculpts that I did it only came out to 30 discreet minis.
  • You do not have to paint one a day but one for each day.
  • Prep beforehand is totally permitted (washing, mold line removal, priming, etc.)
    • Any paint other than primer is not permitted.

If you’ve got any further questions just leave me a comment or send me questions through my contact page!

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