2020: Hobby Resolutions

2020 is almost here! Where did the decade go!? I’ve been painting for more than half of it now and I never want to turn back. It gives me peace and calm when I am able to completely focus and I love that. I never saw myself doing this but here I am now 6 1/2 years later.

Now time for some hobby resolutions. I had to think really hard about this and I’m still not sure this is a final list of things I want to accomplish.

  • Finish Ma’al Drakar
  • Paint Stuffed Fables
  • Try to blog more
  • Do the embroidery for All Mini’s Eve calendar
    • Finish calendar
  • Level up my basing skills
  • Work on learning more photography skills
  • Continue clearing the Shelf of Shame
  • Organize hobby room to be more efficient

This list may grow and things may be removed over the year but this is my core idea of getting stuff done. I may not post again until after the new year so Happy New Year to all of you!

Happy Painting,


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