Artist’s Arsenal Brushes: A Review

Hello, dear readers! 

For the holiday season I gifted myself a new set of brushes! I am going to tell you all about them but, first, I will again mention that I paid for these with my own money and am not being paid for the review.

The set is called the Artist’s Arsenal. They are made by Game Envy, the same people behind the Hobby Holder which I love so much. So when I found out they were making brushes I knew I had to get some and let you all know how well they hold up to my standard.

If you buy the set, rather than buying the brushes individually, you will get 5 Kolinsky sable brushes (sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, and 2), a brush beam to rest your brushes on when not in hand, and a handy travel tube. It all comes packaged in the tube. My brush beam was wrapped in tissue paper but I got excited and opened it before taking pictures. It cost $40USD for the set.

First up, brushes! 

Each brush comes with protectors to keep the tips intact during shipping. I found that unlike many brushes I purchase that the protectors go back on quite easily without issue. This is good because it will actually allow me to use the travel tube and not worry about the tips getting bent in transit. It will also allow me a much more compact option than carrying around my brush case which takes up more than double the space the tube does.



They also have fun names. Each size has the names of different types of swords. From smallest to largest they are the Foil (000), the Sabre (00), the Epee (0), the Spear (1), and the Lance (2). I think that’s a neat touch. I could see not knowing what size a brush might be but knowing the name of the brush might be helpful in finding a replacement if needed. These are also sold individually so no need to buy a whole set again if you only want one or two of the brushes.


I used them quite aggressively for a few days over the holidays. I have found that they hold shape really well. I had no issues with the tips curling or bending in weird ways. I did have a couple stray hairs but nothing a little rinse wouldn’t fix, I did not have to trim these away. They also spring back to a point very well when I remove the brush from the mini. They have a good sized belly for holding lots of paint so I didn’t have to go back to my palette as often as I would usually.

The brush beam, which is essentially a brush rest, is a handy thing. It lets me set my brush down while using them without losing them which I am prone to do. It is compact so it also fits in the travel tube to keep from being lost.

1207191050a - Copy1207191051

Overall, I think they are great brushes and I can foresee them lasting a long time. Will they replace my beloved Rosemary & Co. brushes? I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to work with them a bit longer but they will be in my regular rotation.

If you’ve got anymore specific questions leave them in the comments or send me a message and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. 

Happy Painting,


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