A New Thing and a Special Project

So first up is the special project I’ve been working on for ages. It is still very much a WIP but here are some pics to tide you over until it’s done!

Reaper Miniatures Ma’al Drakar
(minus wings and terrain)

Those are some quick photos of the eyes, which still need a little refining, and a dry fit to see how the heads look together.

Now for the new thing. I’ve been Doing a thing on Instagram for a few weeks where every Tuesday I briefly talk about tips that I have found or been given over the years. I am going to expand this into a little bit of a larger format.

So, for now, the first Tuesday of each month will be Tips Tuesday here. I will take the tip or tips I post about and expand those into a more indepth blog post. This will be starting in July or August of 2020.

I’m hoping that this new thing will help me get back into blogging about the other topics I had started that got derailed because of Life(tm).

I hope to be able to share with y’all some cool stuff and be more active here, I know I’ve been neglecting it for a while and I’m sorry for that. Anyway, looking forward to new things! Here’s to the second half of this year and beyond!

Happy Painting!


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