Reaper Challenge League: January

The year has started and it’s already flying by. January will be over in a matter of hours for me. I have done a lot this month, at least compared to the last several months. 

This year I’m participating in the Reaper Challenge League. This is a thing that Reaper Miniatures is doing through their official Discord server. Here is a link to more detailed information on the challenge: Reaper Challege League.

It is a challenge to paint Reaper models, aside from the freebie (I’ll talk about this a little further down) and bust categories.

Each month there are eight (8) challenges. 

The first two change each month, the first is a theme, for example, January’s theme was fire or ice. 

There is also a limited palette challenge. You are given a set of three (3) colors, January’s were blue, green, and pink. You paint one mini with just these three colors with the addition of black and white. However, these do have to be Reaper paints to count for points.

The other six (6) categories stay the same. There are categories for a player character mini and a monster mini. There are categories for Duo’s and Trio’s. This is where you pair up with one (1) or two (2) other painters and paint the same model. There is a category for New Releases where you pick a mini that has been released in the current month or the previous two (2) months. Then last but not least there is a Freebie/Shelf of Shame category. It is for you to paint any mini, from any company, in your stash.

There are also additional categories that are due quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly. Each quarter there will be a raffle. You use the points that you get from doing each challenge and turn them into tickets. The raffle is held on the last day of the quarter. 

I did not plan to do much with this initially but I am getting things painted so that is a big motivator to do things. I finished three (3) challenges this month. A player character, a trio, and a freebie. I have also started two (2) models, a mini for the large group and a mini for the large model quarterly categories.

Here is what I accomplished:

Player Character: Bryn, Half-Elf Rogue
Trio: Andromedan Queen
Freebie/Shelf of Shame: Thac0vius, d12
Quarterly Large Group Model: Annoyed Rocky (WIP)
Quarterly Large Model: Frost Giant Queen (WIP)

So that’s what I’ve been up to this month. More to come next month!

Happy painting,

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