March is Over…Almost

It is almost the end of March. I think this month I’ve been fairly productive I figured I’d write this up not because I’m not sure when I’ll have time to sit down and do a proper write up of things.

At the beginning of the month I sat out to do a few things. I finished most of them and got side tracked from other things that I wanted to do.

First, I finished the Pig and Cart.

I have not finished or even touched any of the minis from the Reaper Virtual Expo that happened at the beginning of this month. I also haven’t touched my Frost Gian Queen.

I did however begin Grimtalon and his wings have taken, so far, the better part of a week and a half of off and on work time. I have yet to do anything but the wings. Once I get a little further along I will post some pictures here.

Now for the reason I’ve been really unproductive. Two words: vortex mixer. I finally got one. Not one of the very expensive ones but it definitely does the trick. I will be writing up that review and a tutorial on how I’m going about mixing up the paints very shortly.

I’m sure I will do more things than just wings and mixing paint but if I don’t I’ll see y’all next month with, what have been so far this year, your regular update.

Happy Painting

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