Opening Shop

I’ve kept this pretty under wraps for the most part but I am happy to announce I am one step closer to opening my shop to sell, for now, pre-painted miniatures by me! I may dabble in some commission work but it will be very selective if I do.

I’m slowly getting the supplies together for shipping and whatnot. I will need to pick out some minis that I deem good enough to sell. I cannot currently sell directly through the blog but this is the next best thing. I will be selling on . It is a fairly new platform that caters to gamers and collectors of all levels. As far as I know you, currently, cannot see my shop because it is not totally set up yet as I have no listings or commission slots listed.

I still need to get some licensing stuff figured out but I think I have what I need to get it done and now it’s down to filling out forms and waiting. Hoping to be up and running in the next couple months.

I am very excited to embark upon this journey. Hoping it will bring back a sense of purpose since the plague has gotten me into some very not good headspace as far as painting goes.

Anyway, excitement! Hope y’all will join in on the fun. Can’t wait to see what y’all thing.

As always, happy painting,

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