April Goals

I’ve got a lot to do this month. As mentioned in my last post I am working on opening up an online shop to sell some of my painted miniatures and take small commissions. I am also working on the Reaper Challenge League. I do expect to sell some of these minis in my shop. Nothing is live yet so I will post here shortly before I do.

So for the RCL it is Quarter 2 already! I was not fortunate enough to be drawn for any of the prizes I entered but such is life. There is always next quarter.

As always for this challenge these are Reaper Miniatures.

Theme: (Vampire): Jahenna, Female Vampire (77669)

Limited Palette: (Purple, Orange, Pink) Styx Purple, Fire Orange, Runic Glow: Giant Frog (44024)

Player Character: Lysette, Elven Mage (Bones USA (30001))

Monster: Gulper (44038)

Duo: Cyclops (77705)

Trio: Merowyn Lightstar (77675)

New Release: Darius the Blue (Bones USA (30002))

Freebie: D’Tenian, d10 (77647)

I have completed two of my eight minis already. The Giant Frog and the Gulper.

The Giant Frog was used for my limited palette challenge. I used only the 5 colors shown.

I spent most of today trying to figure out how to do sheer cloth on Jahenna but it was not working with me so I switched over to the Gulper to give myself a brain break. That break turned into me finishing it.

It was a nice break but I’m still going to have to figure out how to do sheer fabric if I want to get Jahenna done.

Anyway, this turned into something longer than I thought it’d be. I’ve got lots of work to do now.

Happy Painting,

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