Site Changes

I have done a few things around here that I think will help make things better overall on both ends.

I have been overhauling the portfolio section. I am taking some things down for the sake of photo quality. I, most notably, removed that Shadows of Brimstone section. I will be posting this back up in the near future. Because of the way I uploaded it things went wonky on my end and I needed to start it over. Which at this point means I’ll be taking new photos of everything. There may end up being some overlap of portfolio pages because I did paint a lot of Shadows of Brimstone during previous Minivembers.

Also, portfolio related, I have taken some of my older photos and cropped them slightly and updated them with my logo. I will be doing a lot of this.

I have added a WhatsApp button on the contact page. I hope this will be easier than filling out a contact form. I switched around the main color palette of the site. I liked the blue I had but this feels much more readable with the off white of the background. I’m sure I have changed a few other things that I’m not remembering right now.

Please, as always, if you have any feedback (or if anything is borked) let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Happy Painting,

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