May 2021 Goals

This month is going to be busy.

I want to get some painting done, not committing to a lot because of other things going on but I’d like to get one or two of my RCL minis done and possibly work on one of the large model entries.

I have been mostly doing a lot of work to get the shop up and running. Hoping to have things totally set up and ready to sell by mid-June.

This is where I’ll be selling. It also allows me to take donations towards things that will help me with getting things done without taking money from me. So 100% of your donations will go to me. Currently, my goal is $80USD for a new, much larger, micro SD card for my phone. I do most things on it so I need the space for photos and apps that help me get editing done.

I have not posted much so far but am hoping I can find some fun things to do with it and give y’all some sort of rewards for donating, buying something, or commissioning me.

Speaking of commissions, I will be able to list anything from painting commissions to one-on-one help sessions to supporter only tutorials. What kind of stuff would y’all like to see?

Happy Painting,

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