It’s the middle of May already? The year is almost half over already? I feel like things just started.

I thought I’d take a little time to give y’all an update on how the hobby goals for the year are going. If you, like myself, have already forgotten my hobby goals I will link to the original post from the beginning of the year here.

First the hobby goals:

  • Ma’al Drakar
    • Have not picked this up yet
  • Grimtalon
    • I have actually started this one.
  • Baba Yaga’s Hut
    • Another one left on the shelf for now
  • Eldritch Desert Diorama
    • Very slowly working on this one. Trying to find good ideas for wall materials.
  • Shadows of Brimstone and Forbidden Fortress
    • Have not touched.
  • ReaperCon 2020 minis
    • Have worked on a couple but have not finished any of them.
  • Reaper Challenge League
    • This has been going really well. I’m getting a lot of the Shelf of Shame cleared and getting more things out of the way than I anticipated. So that’s been very helpful.

Now onto the hobby adjacent goals:

  • Work on the blog
    • I’ve been doing this a little bit at a time. I know most of the things I’ve been posting this year are updates to things that may or may not be noticeable right away. But this will get me back into the habit of writing anything and, hopefully, get back on a content schedule.
  • Level up photography skills
    • Still working on this one. Earlier this year I purchased a light box because the one I had was falling apart.
    • I bought a tripod.
    • I’ve been getting back into the habit of putting my logo on photos.
  • Paint and mini situation
    • I have not put a lot into organizing.
      • I bought some peg board for the minis still in blisters, that I have yet to put up.
      • I have aimlessly moved things around the room trying to figure out how I want to organize things.
      • I have not updated the minis spreadsheet much.
    • Paint has been slowly rolling in and I have not been cataloging like I’d like to be.
      • I have not been doing swatches.
      • I have not been organizing these much either.

Things I have been doing:

  • Updating the website
  • Coming up with ideas for fun posts in the future
    • If you have any topics you’d like to see drop me a comment or sent me a message through the contact page.
  • Organizing and re-organizing the desk
  • Setting up shop
    • Which is mostly currently trying to write an about me, taking product photos, editing photos, working on pricing, some painting, and many other things I need to do that seem overwhelming.

So that’s what’s going on in a nutshell. I’m very busy with Real LifeTM so everything is kind of getting shuffled around to accommodate that stuff.

On that note I’m going to end this very long ramble and hope some of it made sense.

As always,
Happy Painting

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