July is Nigh

It’s the last night of June. I figure this is the optimal time to go over what I did accomplish this month.

My goals for this month were pretty simple. Finish the duo and trio groups I was committed to and do some small paintings. I did all of those things. I did not get to magnets or frames though. I did have more things I wanted to get done as far as cleaning and reorganizing the hobby room but there was a heatwave across the PNW this past week hitting record breaking high temperatures. Needless to say, because of the location of the hobby room, I did not even set foot upstairs during the heat wave.

I am planning on carrying those organizing goals over into July which should be much cooler. Here is the list of those:

I even color coded things!

So I’m probably going to spend the rest of this week and the better part of next week doing these things. I will be a busy bee.

For the RCL I have come up with this list:

I am lacking plans for a few things but I will work on getting the rest of it nailed down this week.

I will also note that there are several quarterly goals that I am planning but have not finished ironing all that out yet. I will make a post at a later time with those laid out.

I did pick back up my All Minis Eve calendar. I have started doing more embroidery for it. I need to order a few things to keep me going but that all shouldn’t take too long to get here. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish it before October of this year. *Knocks on wood.*

I also do plan on looking more into frames and stuff for the small paintings, that will just be on the back burner for a little bit while I work on all of this and getting the shop set up.

Anyway as always,

Happy Painting,

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