September is coming up very quickly; I’ve got a little less than a week to finish things for August. Some things are not getting done that I thought would and some that I didn’t expect to get started got started.

First off here is my list for the month:

I finished everything highlighted in green as well as the Trio category. It is not yet highlighted because they have not been submitted for points yet.

I’m still not clear on what the current New Release guidelines are so I never got around to doing something with that. Fungal Queen is going back on the shelf for a while.

Since most of these are not available for general sale I will list the closest name and corresponding “SKU” from the Kickstarter.

Please forgive the lack of nice photos for several of these. I have been busy and haven’t had a chance to mess around with light settings and whatnot to get them where I’m happiest.

We are more than halfway through the quarter now so here is what’s going on with that.

Going to go down the list then talk about the pop-up challenges.

  • Diorama: Eldritch Desert
    • This is on hold while I get other things done. I’m hoping to be able to pick it back up soon(TM)
  • Quarterly Contest: Female Minotaur
    • This is also on hold and may not get done before the end of September due to not being able to locate her.
  • Large Model: Overgourd
    • I’m actually almost finished with this one. Need some details and touch-ups but otherwise it’s ready to go.
  • Large Group 4+: Terror Fish w/ wings
    • This one is finished. Need photos and to submit still.
  • Heavy mod/Conversion:
    • I don’t do these. My skills with modding is not good enough currently to make anything count as heavy.
  • Seasonal Themed: Powder Monkey (#732 from Brinewind Bones V KS)
    • Doing talk like a pirate day for my seasonal category. Thus painting a pirate.
  • Bust: Dragon Bust (Bones V Add-on)
    • I have started on this. I’m debating what color it should be but the plinth it is on is painted up like marble.

Pop-ups. These are extra challenges presented for more points each quarter. This is the list of pop-up challenges for Quarter 3:

  • Cake Topper: I haven’t yet picked minis for this, I’m thinking something horror themed though.
  • Under-lighting: I’m not very good at OSL so I may not do this one.
  • Trail of Blood: I’m having trouble picking a mini. When I see it though, I will know it.
  • Textures! Oh, my!: I have a mini pulled, I’m hoping to do an awesome worn leather on the cape of the mini.
  • I have finished the Spirit of the Forest category.

My goals for September are pretty much do as much RCL as I can cram in. This includes quarterly minis because Q3 ends at the end of September. Once I get a list together for monthly figures I will update.

Happy painting,

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