Minivember! Today!

Today is the start of Minivember 2021. I keep saying this year is my last for the last few times I’ve done it and it keeps pulling me back in. So, once again, I am here bringing you lots of painting in one month. This is what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.

Before I forget all of the minis this year are from various expansions of the Bones V Kickstarter that delivered over the summer. I wrote down the number and expansion as listed on the Kickstarter project page.

I took a while to choose which minis I wanted to use but then settled on these:

I ended up changing out the Feejee mini because I do a lot of posting on the Reaper forums. As per forum rules nudity has to be linked away from the site so I figured it would just be easier to choose something different. I chose the, clothed, succubus from the Dungeon Dwellers expansion.

Somewhere around this time I cleaned and removed mold lines from things. I probably need to get an opti-visor of some sort because I sure did miss a lot of mold lines. I also took some time to coat them all in Reaper’s Brown Liner paint. It works well as a primer for Bones.

I charted out my calendar as I do most years (probably should’ve used a pen):

Then today I got started. I decided to take all the ones I’d planned out with the same skin tone and start them all at once. It’s motivated me a little more than if I’d just done them one by one. It also saves a little paint.

So far I have finished the succubus but am making way on the others.

I will note that while I say she is done I have not done anything with the base. I will again take some time at the end of the month and paint up all the bases at once since I’ve planned out similar colors for most of them. This, again, will help me save paint.

I’ll do my best to update here regularly but, in case I don’t or can’t, here is a link to the forum post that I will keep updated. I update this at least once daily.

Let me know if any of y’all are doing your own Minivember in the comments below.

Happy Painting,

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