New Year, New Goals (2022)

2021 was a year of goals for me but looking back not a lot got done, unfortunately. While I was fairly productive, basically, none of the larger projects got finished which was the big thing I wanted to do.

Here’s a reminder of my 2021 goals.

Things I did do:

  • Started Grimtalon
  • Participated in 9 months of the RCL.
  • Cleared a little of the Shelf of Shame.

As for hobby adjacent goals I:

  • Leveled up photography skills some.
    • I do still need to get into the habit of, when finished, using the light box.
  • Worked on spreadsheets.
    • I need to do so much more but I did get those updated somewhat.

So now onto 2022. I have reigned it in a little and decided on less specific goals and far fewer of them. I’m sticking with 5 for both sets of goals.

Let’s start!

Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • Do an in-depth inventory of paint
    • I’ve amassed a collection of paint. This is a given but as of late I’ve gotten quite a few new colors. I want to make sure they are all in the paintRack app and have the right number of bottles for the colors I have multiples of.
      • I love this app. I have no affiliation with them, just a big fan. Available on Android and iPhone. In my opinion, it is the best paint inventory app covering tons of different lines of paints and they update on a fairly regular basis.
    • In doing this inventory I will also be adding agitators and using the vortex mixer to make sure that things are in working order.
  • Update paint swatches.
    • I need to figure out how I’m going to organize some things. There is some confusion, probably on my end, about new SKUs and where they go.
  • Get in the habit of using my light box more.
    • I’d really like to have not only my WIP photos in places but actual finished shots that aren’t just propped up against a paper towel or what have you on the desk.
    • This will also probably include figuring out how to take photos of the larger things that won’t fit.
  • Work on my photo backlog.
    • I’ve got a lot of stuff that I’ve done that I don’t have photos of that I’d like to get taken.
  • Mini inventory
    • This one might be reaching a bit but I’ll at least try to update my spreadsheet with new things coming in.

Hobby Goals:

  • Work on some larger WIPs
    • This includes things like Ma’al Drakar and Grimtalon.
  • Clear as many WIPs as possible.
    • While I want to get the larger things done I’d like to finish at least a handful of minis that already have paint on them.
  • Participate in RCL 2022.
    • I had a blast this past year and I would like to plan this out a little more now that I know how it works.
  • I want to start my smaller axolotl diorama that I haven’t started much of yet.
  • I want to work on making my blends smoother overall.
    • Especially when it comes to skin tones.

So all in all I’ve scaled back my goals to a, hopefully, more manageable list. I think these things are doable but will be very time consuming, especially the swatches and inventories.

What are some goals that all y’all have for the coming year?

Happy Holidays and Happy Painting,

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals (2022)

  1. Good luck smashing your hobby goals!

    The only thing I want to try and achieve next year is to get back into the habit of painting more regularly.


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