Mid-January Update

Well, kind of. I know this is a few days late.

So far I’ve gotten 3 minis finished and have several in progress. Should have time to sit down today and do more.

The Valentine Mousling was a ton of fun to paint. Quick and easy. Also, this one is metal! I normally paint a lot of plastic but I’m liking the feel of metal more and more these days.

Valentine’s Mousling by Reaper Miniatures

The Gingerbread Knight was also a quick and fun paint. Now that I’m seeing the picture on a larger screen he needs some touch-ups before I call him totally done.

Gingerbread Knight by Reaper Miniatures

Dire Grouper from the recent Bones V Kickstarter Dark Depths expansion. It is currently not for sale. This was my Limited Palette mini so I only used the paints shown.


I will hopefully have some more updates really soon!

Happy painting,

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