February RCL Wrap Up ’22

March is upon us and by that I mean today is the 1st. I’m not sure where last month went. I only got two (2) minis painted up for RCL for the month but I’ve been working on quarterlies in the meantime.

I completed the Duo and Trio categories.

For the Duo I painted up Grub from the Chop and Grub Halfling Cooks pack. I had much more I wanted to do with him but I didn’t have the time to do it more the way I wanted to.

Grub, Halfling Cook

For my Trio I painted Sister Hazel that I received with my Bones 5 pledge.

Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor

Sister Hazel was definitely a hassle. I decided I wanted to do all white for a diorama with another plague doctor mini that Reaper makes. I will definitely come back to this. The shadows on the front got wiped out at some point. I think the back looks better. Thankfully, my lights were kind and made some shadows for me.

Other than those I did not finish anything. I’ve worked on a couple things for the Quarterly categories (Sea Dragon and Dragon Bust) and did an overhaul of my desk (and soon to be hobby area of the hobby room). I did paint a small (4″x4″) landscape to break things up a little too. It’s not the greatest, in my opinion, but with as long as it’s been since I’ve done one I’m happy with it.

I do have a few review posts to write for some more products from Game Envy that will be coming soon. So keep an eye out for those.

Happy Painting,

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