March ’22 Goals

I’m going to try to get better about doing a wrap-up and a goals post for the rest of the year.

March is fairly busy around here but I do have some projects to be done.

First up is the Sea Dragon from Reaper’s Bones V Kickstarter. It was in the Dark Depths expansion.

So far this is what I’ve gotten done on it. It is still very much a WIP. I still have some of the base to paint up as well.

Second is the Dragon Bust that was also an add-on during Bones V.

I have done most of the lining on the neck, I missed a few spots, but no lining on the head yet. The lining I have done definitely needs cleaned up. Lots left to do on it.

These are what I’m working on this month. I have some other projects I’ll be working on but I can’t say more than I have them going for now.

Happy Painting,

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