Personal Update: Spring 2022

I have not had time to sit down and write a blog in quite some time. I am working on some review articles very slowly. I have been dealing with the loss of our two cats in 3 months of each other. So it’s been pretty rough around here.

I have also been working on a commission that I can finally share.

This is a 3D print of Zinogre from the game Monster Hunter. It took a total of 27 hours to complete.

I can finally share this since it has been delivered. It has taken up the majority of my time since about mid-February.

I took a break for a couple of weeks to start prepping and working on a bust that was given to me for Valentine’s Day of this year. It is the Ignis Arts bust Dziewanna from their Slavic Legends: Nawia line.

They do lots of absolutely gorgeous resin minis. This is a 1:10th scale model. Aside from general cleaning and priming my copy had zero mold lines and cleanup otherwise.

I started on her eyes tonight. They are still a little rough but for spending about 15-20 minutes I think they look good. There is lots of clean-up to be done before I move onto her skin.

Anyway, that some of what has been going on and I really hope to get those review articles done as soon as I can.

Happy Painting,

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