August 2022 Goals

August is here! How did that happen? 

Now that July is over and the whirlwind of personal stuff has settled I can get back to painting. I haven’t picked up a brush in almost 2 months at this point. 

Despite the long break, I was able to pick one up yesterday and get some things primed. I am going to do some Bones 5 KS things to get back into the swing of it. 

I have a few goals laid out though:

  • Work on and maybe finish the Dziewanna bust
  • Enter online Journeyman Miniatures competition
    • Order and start The Morrigan mini 

I guess those two things are probably the only things I’ve got planned. 

This is as far as I’ve gotten with Dziewanna. She’s still very much in the base coating stage of things.

This is The Morrigan from Journeyman Miniatures. I am so excited to get her.

She will probably be one of the more complicated pieces I’ve ever done. The model comes in 15 pieces and is made of resin. When assembled it is about 75mm tall.

So, keep an eye out, fun things are coming!

Happy Painting,

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