September 2022 Goals

I feel like I say this every month but how the heck is it September already? Where did the year go.

Anyway. I have a few goals for September, not many this time as I’ve got a fairly busy month ahead of me. So, September goals are as follows:

  • Paint Aaron the Conjurer for RCL
  • Work on some current WIPs

And I think I’m leaving it there because I haven’t been getting things done when I add a whole bunch of stuff. I just get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I want to do that I rarely finish it all. So starting small for September.

Will build myself back up to painting more when I’m back in my normal painting space.

(I had dental surgery a week ago so I am all out of sorts, it’s a miracle this is getting written, and have a makeshift workspace set up downstairs.)

I have painted the RCL mini once many, many, years ago now so when the chance to do it again came up I jumped on it.

Aaron the Conjuror by Reaper Miniatures

Anyway, short goals list this month. Hope y’all are well.

Happy Painting,

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