October Goals 2022

Time got away from me and I’m writing this halfway through the month. But better late than never, right?

I did finish the Aaron the Conjuror mini last month. I had painted the same mini in 2013 near the beginning of my painting journey. For a, quick, tabletop job I can already see that I have improved greatly. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever done but it took maybe 3 hours to get done.

Aaron the Conjuror

This month so far has been very busy with real life stuff but I will have some time to sit down tomorrow and work on my newest projects.

I found minis that I think fit the PCs, in the Pathfinder 2 campaign I’m in, pretty well. They will be holiday gifts. The group already knows this and are giving me great input. These are the 5 minis that I picked plus the one I have for my own PC. These are all available from Reaper Miniatures links in captions. All but the one Kobold are made of metal. I could not find one that fit that was not plastic but it’s not a huge deal.

I have already given them an Isopropyl Alcohol bath and have started to remove mold lines and flash. My next step is priming and a wash so I can see things a little better to double check I got all of the mold lines and stuff off.

So those are my goals for the rest of the month and probably next month. I’ll, hopefully, get a goals or update post here in the next couple of weeks.

Happy painting,

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