Mid-November 2022 Update

It is about halfway through the month at this point. I have gotten two of the minis for my goals painted. I still need to base them but since they are a party I want to get them all painted before I come up with a coherent basing theme. I also need to do touch-ups before that.

So here I present to you: Francesco the Swashbuckler and Grizz the Kobold Champion.

Two down, four to go.

Happy painting,

3 thoughts on “Mid-November 2022 Update

  1. Nice job! I just painted some of those Kobolds, pretty fun minis. Did you add a vest? I don’t recall seeing any of them with vests.


      1. Thanks! I’ll have to look at the ones I haven’t painted yet. I probably have that one somewhere! 😃


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