December 2022 Goals

November is a couple of days away from being over. That means it’s time for a wrap up and a new set of goals for December.

I’ve not gotten much done this month. I painted to completion 2 minis. It has been hectic around here so not much painting time to begin with. I am very much hoping to be able to finish these PC minis I’ve been working on. I have started the next and have a little paint on the other two.

This is where I’m at with the next one. This is Ru’ruta the Tengu.

I also have a Reaper Bones Yeti Shaman to paint up for a friend. Hoping that will be a quick paint but turn out better than my average speed paint.

As for other goals I want to start re-organizing the hobby room. I need to make better use of the space I have. I want to take my “shelf of shame” and reorganize it completely to hold more stuff instead of just abandoned projects. And I guess that’s really the only goal I have. It’s a big undertaking. This may take several months of work to actually finish to my liking.

So, not a ton of goals for the month but at least it seems attainable.

Happy Painting,

2 thoughts on “December 2022 Goals

  1. Looks like you have a good start with the Tengu and probably won’t take much to get it over the finish line! While reading about your shelf, I immediately thought about it being a shelf displaying your painted minis. We all have that box, shelf, drawers, etc. of shame, but maybe we should relish those we have actually accomplished?! I’ll have to think about giving that a try myself.

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    1. I, also, don’t expect it will take much to finish the Tengu. I do like the idea of it being a display shelf. It is currently holding a bunch of random, unfinished, projects. Some I do intend on getting back to…someday. I can probably make space to display a lot of stuff though. Thank you for the idea!

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