New Year, New Goals (2023)

2022 is very nearly over. Which means it’s time to look back at the goals I set for the year and what was actually accomplished. Here is a reminder of what my goals for 2022 were.

Here’s an update on those:

2022 Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • I began working on paint inventory. It will take longer than this year because it’s been a busy year and I haven’t had much time to do things.
  • I have also started to do paint swatches. I say started because I started over. A friend of mine made me a swatch page that I can just print instead of doing the very time consuming method I was working on before.
  • I’ve not been using the light box as much as I’d like to but I’ve had reasons for not working in the hobby room as much as I wanted.
  • Still have a huge backlog of photos to take and edit.
  • I have been working on inventory of minis slowly.

2022 Hobby Goals:

  • I worked on a few WIPs but none of the really large ones.
  • I did not do much in the RCL this year.
  • I have not started the diorama, I’m not sure I’ve finished painting all the axolotls needed for it.
  • I have been working on blends and skin tones! I think they are definitely improving.

Now that I’ve gone over this year I’m ready to make goals for 2023. Let’s start with the hobby adjacent goals. Some of these are similar or the same as this year but they still need to carry over into 2023.

2023 Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • Organize the hobby room. This is a constant project.
  • Continue backlog of photos. This includes taking, editing, and posting photos.
  • Paint swatches and inventory. I am lumping these into one category because it is easiest for me to catalog, shake, and add agitators to paints when I am swatches.
  • Setup a white board as a progress tracker.

Now for the actual hobby goals, these are being kept short because I want to go at it slowly.

2023 Hobby Goals:

  • I really want to get back into the RCL. It really helped my productivity and backlog in 2021.
  • Continue to work on improving skills and techniques I already know. Then try to learn things I don’t know how to do.

These are the things that I definitely want to do over the year. I may add more goals throughout the year as yearly goals that are different from my monthly goals. I am looking forward to the new year and what it has to bring.

What are your hobby goals for 2023? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Painting,

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals (2023)

  1. My main 2023 goal is simply to paint moar! Big chunks of this year have been lousy painting-wise, so I just want to get back to hobbying regularly, if not daily.
    A more specific goal is to get my Malifaux Fallen Kingdom set all painted up. It’s only 12 figures so it should be possible, or it could be one of their limited edition sets that assembles really poorly!

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      1. Thanks!
        Malifaux stuff usually isn’t too bad, but some of it is poorly designed.


  2. Similar to a lot of yours. I like to try to refine and document the things that worked for me and push myself to learn new things. I am building up swatches, but it’s going slower than I would like. For inventory I use
    an app on my phone. It allows me to scan the barcode of the paint and record the paint directly into the app. Check out PaintRack or Paint Pot.

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