End of January: 2023

As far as painting goes this year has started very well. I have knocked out 5 of my monthly RCL categories and 2 of the quarterly ones.

I am still plugging away at the last 3 for the month. I am almost done with my new release and freebie. The PC mini is just barely started because I pulled it out of a box 2 days ago.

In order I finished:

January Theme: Freebie : Yeti Shaman

Limited Palette: Green | Blue | Yellow: Gargoyle from Bones 5 core set which is yet to be released as far as I can tell.

Player Character is still a WIP. This is the mini I am painting though. Dorn Ironspike, Dwarf Warrior.

Monster: Undead Wolf from Bones 5 core set. Unreleased as far as I can tell.

Duo: Large boar from the Circe set that was recently released. I am planning on painting the other two minis from this set in February.

Trio: Gisele the Sorceress. Will definitely retake this photo soon. Not happy with this one.

New Release: Jolie, Adventuring Scribe. This is about 2/3rds of the way done.

Freebie: ReaperCon 2022 Brush holder. This is almost finished.

I got 2 quarterly minis done as well.

For the Large 4+ group category I’ve painted up this owl from Familiars 2. Then for the Mod’s Choice category I painted this tiny rabbit for the “Year of the Rabbit” also from Familiars 2.

And that’s been my January. I plan on finishing the WIPs over the weekend. It’s already almost a month into the new year and I’ve started with a bang. Hopefully, all of you have as well.

Tell me what fun projects y’all have going or planned on in the comments.

Happy Painting,

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