February 2023: RCL Goals

February is a short month but still tons to do! This is my line up for the RCL for next month. At the end I’ll post the last few photos from my January list. So let’s dive right in.

February Theme: Something Shiny: Bronze Golem (44171)

Limited Palette: Brown, Green, Purple. ReaperCon 2022 Dragon Pokey Tool (this may change).

Player Character: Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard (30008)

Monster: Circe’s small pig, on the right, from the Circe and Pigs set (44170). Circe herself I am using for the new release category as well. I did the large pig for a duo for January.

Duo: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger (77072)

Trio: Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman (30010) The photo in this link is not working for me so please excuse my not great photo.

New release as mentioned earlier is the Circe model. Free category is as always up in the air.

Now for the last three I hadn’t finished in my last post. They were rushed but I think for the couple hours a piece they came out okay. I can definitely see some spots now that need fixing so may go back and do that soon if there is time.

Jolie, Adventuring Scribe (30105)

Dorn Ironspike, Dwarf Warrior (30089)

ReaperCon 2022 Brush Holder (01691)

For February the Quarterly categories I’m going to be working on are the Seasonal Theme mini (Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun (30003)) the Bust or Terrain (Bones 5 Dragon Bust), and maybe if time the Large or Large Freebie. For the freebie I have a few ideas for this bouncing around in my head. I just need to pick one.

So lots to do in February. Let’s see how much I get done in the short month. Do y’all have any goals for the month? Share them in the comments below.

Happy Painting,

2 thoughts on “February 2023: RCL Goals

  1. Nice color choices on Jolie! One goal I have is to get more female characters painted. That coincides with Fembruary but also because my daughter has started playing D&D.

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