February RCL: Mid-Month Update

I know February is short but holy cow has it felt like the fastest February ever.

I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d like. I’ve finished 2 minis and am working on 5. This is where I’m at so far.

Theme: Something Shiny: Bronze Golem. Status: WIP. I just need to base this and touch up a few spots and it’s done. (I will be in the near future be doing a tutorial on how I did the patina effect here.)

Limited Palette: Brown | Purple | Green. Status: Done. I’m not happy with this and may go back and refine it but it’s done for the challenge.

Player Character: Alaedril Starbloom. Status: WIP. Long way to go on this one. Sorry for the blur.

Monster: Circe’s Pig (small). Status: Finished. This one was quick and easy, the base isn’t the cleanest but it’s good enough.

Duo: Bailey Silverbell. Status: WIP. I don’t know why I decided on red but I like it so far. Lots to do.

Trio: Berg Ironthron. Status: WIP.

New release: Circe. Status: WIP. Haven’t done too much beyond this but pretty happy with her so far.

Freebie: Undecided. I’m lost on this one. I have a ton of WIP projects that I could choose from for this I just need to pick one.

And that’s the update, now back to painting!

Happy Painting,

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