March 2023: RCL Goals

It is 7 days into the month of March, it will be, probably, 10 days by the time I post. I am falling behind on a lot of things but hope to be able to play catch up pretty quickly here.

First, when I showed off last months minis the majority of them were not finished. So here are the final results.

Bronze Golem
Sticker from Bones 5 Brinewind Expansion
Bailey Silverbell
Berg Ironthorn

That’s the roundup for last month. I really wish I’d gotten better pictures but time got the best of me.

Now for March.

I have not yet figured out a mini for the theme of the month “Cats!”. I am looking around but may have to order something if I can’t find one.

Limited palette this month is a dragon! I’m doing Narthalyssk from Bones 5 core set. The color palette is any metallic, blue, and yellow.

Player character is Luwin Phost, Wizard.

The monster I chose is the Fungal Companion. A very helpful member on the Reaper official Discord pointed me to the image I was looking for. It was hiding in a corner of the Core Set photo. I have finished this one already.

My duo mini is Arnise, Elf Deathseeker Elf Barbarian of the Bones plastic variant.

Trio mini is one of the Henchwomen from the Henchwomen add-on from Bones 5. I do believe they put this set up on the store recently but I am not sure if this is overstock or permanent retail yet.

For the new release mini I did one of the constructs from the construct set. I have also finished this one.

For my freebie mini I am finishing Aleon, D6 High Roller. I started this quite some time ago but am just now digging out some smaller WIPs to finish.

As it is coming towards the end of the quarter I also have several minis I’m working on for the quarterly challenges. I’m just going to list these quickly.

Seasonal theme: Finn Greenwell

Large Model: Ashana, Female Genie

I have finished the Year of the Rabbit mod’s choice mini. I used a rabbit familiar that I do not currently have a photo for.

Terrain/Bust: Bones 5 Dragon Bust. I’ve been working on this for a while but hope to finish it this month. I, also, don’t have a photo for this one. Hopefully soon I can round up some photos.

And, lastly, we come to the large group mini. The group I joined is simply themed “Critters”. I opted for this cute little owl familiar.

Well that’s all for now y’all. I have to get back to painting if I want to finish any of this now. I will, hopefully, have an update on the ones without photos soon.

Happy Painting,

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