Meet the Artist

Welcome to my site, thanks for checking things out!

I go by Sparrow. I’m a commission miniatures painter from Washington State, USA.

I began painting in August of 2013 as a means to grieve my father’s death. I never thought that it would grow into the passion that has into what it is today. I’ve worked hard for the last 7+ years to get to the level I am at today. I’m mostly self-taught, I learn new techniques from videos and posts from a lot of different people. I hope I’ll be able to give back to the community and share my WIPs and tutorials.

I spend a lot of time over on the Reaper Miniatures forum which I may link back to, occasionally, in my WIP posts. Currently, my big projects are:

  • Commissions
  • Painting Shadows of Brimstone

I will be, intermittently, posting some Reaper minis, mostly their Bones line, while I work on that to keep up with my backlog of projects.

I’ll periodically update with photos and progress. Past works can be found in my portfolio. I’m painting full time and I am currently taking commissions.

For any questions or feedback use form below.

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