March 2023: RCL Goals

It is 7 days into the month of March, it will be, probably, 10 days by the time I post. I am falling behind on a lot of things but hope to be able to play catch up pretty quickly here.

First, when I showed off last months minis the majority of them were not finished. So here are the final results.

Bronze Golem
Sticker from Bones 5 Brinewind Expansion
Bailey Silverbell
Berg Ironthorn

That’s the roundup for last month. I really wish I’d gotten better pictures but time got the best of me.

Now for March.

I have not yet figured out a mini for the theme of the month “Cats!”. I am looking around but may have to order something if I can’t find one.

Limited palette this month is a dragon! I’m doing Narthalyssk from Bones 5 core set. The color palette is any metallic, blue, and yellow.

Player character is Luwin Phost, Wizard.

The monster I chose is the Fungal Companion. A very helpful member on the Reaper official Discord pointed me to the image I was looking for. It was hiding in a corner of the Core Set photo. I have finished this one already.

My duo mini is Arnise, Elf Deathseeker Elf Barbarian of the Bones plastic variant.

Trio mini is one of the Henchwomen from the Henchwomen add-on from Bones 5. I do believe they put this set up on the store recently but I am not sure if this is overstock or permanent retail yet.

For the new release mini I did one of the constructs from the construct set. I have also finished this one.

For my freebie mini I am finishing Aleon, D6 High Roller. I started this quite some time ago but am just now digging out some smaller WIPs to finish.

As it is coming towards the end of the quarter I also have several minis I’m working on for the quarterly challenges. I’m just going to list these quickly.

Seasonal theme: Finn Greenwell

Large Model: Ashana, Female Genie

I have finished the Year of the Rabbit mod’s choice mini. I used a rabbit familiar that I do not currently have a photo for.

Terrain/Bust: Bones 5 Dragon Bust. I’ve been working on this for a while but hope to finish it this month. I, also, don’t have a photo for this one. Hopefully soon I can round up some photos.

And, lastly, we come to the large group mini. The group I joined is simply themed “Critters”. I opted for this cute little owl familiar.

Well that’s all for now y’all. I have to get back to painting if I want to finish any of this now. I will, hopefully, have an update on the ones without photos soon.

Happy Painting,

February RCL: Mid-Month Update

I know February is short but holy cow has it felt like the fastest February ever.

I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d like. I’ve finished 2 minis and am working on 5. This is where I’m at so far.

Theme: Something Shiny: Bronze Golem. Status: WIP. I just need to base this and touch up a few spots and it’s done. (I will be in the near future be doing a tutorial on how I did the patina effect here.)

Limited Palette: Brown | Purple | Green. Status: Done. I’m not happy with this and may go back and refine it but it’s done for the challenge.

Player Character: Alaedril Starbloom. Status: WIP. Long way to go on this one. Sorry for the blur.

Monster: Circe’s Pig (small). Status: Finished. This one was quick and easy, the base isn’t the cleanest but it’s good enough.

Duo: Bailey Silverbell. Status: WIP. I don’t know why I decided on red but I like it so far. Lots to do.

Trio: Berg Ironthron. Status: WIP.

New release: Circe. Status: WIP. Haven’t done too much beyond this but pretty happy with her so far.

Freebie: Undecided. I’m lost on this one. I have a ton of WIP projects that I could choose from for this I just need to pick one.

And that’s the update, now back to painting!

Happy Painting,

Do the Thing

I was talking to a friend a week or so ago and they expressed interest into getting into painting but they were afraid of being bad. I told them that they can’t get good if they don’t try.

If you want to do something then Do the Thing. You can’t learn if you don’t try and most people are not great when they first start. Starting is the biggest hurdle, usually. Being afraid of criticism and being afraid of failing are also a big hurdles when faced with a new hobby.

Starting any hobby can be expensive or have time consuming set up. These things are not insurmountable. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole set of paints or an airbrush when you are first starting. Invest in a few paints that are colors you like. Try to get good with a paint brush before you drop a ton of money on an airbrush if you aren’t sure you will use it or have the space and ventilation. If you are very worried about startup costs see if there is someone in your area giving away or selling gently used supplies.

When you are first starting out set up can seem like a big task too. All you need are a few supplies and a, preferably protected, surface to work on. Linked is a post I wrote a long while ago about what you absolutely need to get started. Depending on how much stuff you want to use (or think you need to use) set up can take less than 5 minutes up to however long you want to make it perfect for you. Once you are set up you are ready to go. Now you just need to sit down and Do the Thing.

If failure is your hurdle you’re not going to like what I’m about to say. Failure is part of the process. Without failure you may never learn from the mistakes that will make you better in the future. Failure is not being worse than someone else. It’s best not to compare yourself to others but only to yourself. You can see yourself grow and recognize where these failures have happened causing you to learn more than if you hadn’t failed.

Being afraid of criticism is totally understandable. Even after having been painting for almost 10 years I don’t always like criticism, especially, if it is unsolicited. Some people will genuinely try to help you learn something that you could add or do differently. You never have to follow this if you don’t want to. Some will just come out of nowhere and tell you that you need to do something to be doing it “right”. There is no wrong way to hobby as long as you are having fun.

Some other people are just down right mean and not trying to help in any way at all. It’s best to not take this to heart and to just block and move on with your day. I am still learning this after all this time. I still get frustrated with the mean people and I still get frustrated at unsolicited advice. These things, however, are a small part of the hobby. I am mostly met with constructive criticism and encouragement.

So, if this hobby is something you really want to try out then just Do the Thing. The hurdles, while there, are relatively small.

These small things can seem impossible to defeat but it is possible. So just go Do the Thing if it is something you are really interested in. Whether it be the mini painting hobby or other hobbies just do it.

Do the Thing.

Happy Painting,

You’ve read all the way to the end! Below are my very first minis and one a few years old. I am putting them here to remind myself that if I hadn’t Done the Thing then I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Painted in 2013
Painted 2020

February 2023: RCL Goals

February is a short month but still tons to do! This is my line up for the RCL for next month. At the end I’ll post the last few photos from my January list. So let’s dive right in.

February Theme: Something Shiny: Bronze Golem (44171)

Limited Palette: Brown, Green, Purple. ReaperCon 2022 Dragon Pokey Tool (this may change).

Player Character: Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard (30008)

Monster: Circe’s small pig, on the right, from the Circe and Pigs set (44170). Circe herself I am using for the new release category as well. I did the large pig for a duo for January.

Duo: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger (77072)

Trio: Berg Ironthorn, Dwarf Crossbowman (30010) The photo in this link is not working for me so please excuse my not great photo.

New release as mentioned earlier is the Circe model. Free category is as always up in the air.

Now for the last three I hadn’t finished in my last post. They were rushed but I think for the couple hours a piece they came out okay. I can definitely see some spots now that need fixing so may go back and do that soon if there is time.

Jolie, Adventuring Scribe (30105)

Dorn Ironspike, Dwarf Warrior (30089)

ReaperCon 2022 Brush Holder (01691)

For February the Quarterly categories I’m going to be working on are the Seasonal Theme mini (Finn Greenwell, Leprechaun (30003)) the Bust or Terrain (Bones 5 Dragon Bust), and maybe if time the Large or Large Freebie. For the freebie I have a few ideas for this bouncing around in my head. I just need to pick one.

So lots to do in February. Let’s see how much I get done in the short month. Do y’all have any goals for the month? Share them in the comments below.

Happy Painting,

End of January: 2023

As far as painting goes this year has started very well. I have knocked out 5 of my monthly RCL categories and 2 of the quarterly ones.

I am still plugging away at the last 3 for the month. I am almost done with my new release and freebie. The PC mini is just barely started because I pulled it out of a box 2 days ago.

In order I finished:

January Theme: Freebie : Yeti Shaman

Limited Palette: Green | Blue | Yellow: Gargoyle from Bones 5 core set which is yet to be released as far as I can tell.

Player Character is still a WIP. This is the mini I am painting though. Dorn Ironspike, Dwarf Warrior.

Monster: Undead Wolf from Bones 5 core set. Unreleased as far as I can tell.

Duo: Large boar from the Circe set that was recently released. I am planning on painting the other two minis from this set in February.

Trio: Gisele the Sorceress. Will definitely retake this photo soon. Not happy with this one.

New Release: Jolie, Adventuring Scribe. This is about 2/3rds of the way done.

Freebie: ReaperCon 2022 Brush holder. This is almost finished.

I got 2 quarterly minis done as well.

For the Large 4+ group category I’ve painted up this owl from Familiars 2. Then for the Mod’s Choice category I painted this tiny rabbit for the “Year of the Rabbit” also from Familiars 2.

And that’s been my January. I plan on finishing the WIPs over the weekend. It’s already almost a month into the new year and I’ve started with a bang. Hopefully, all of you have as well.

Tell me what fun projects y’all have going or planned on in the comments.

Happy Painting,

New Year, New Goals (2023)

2022 is very nearly over. Which means it’s time to look back at the goals I set for the year and what was actually accomplished. Here is a reminder of what my goals for 2022 were.

Here’s an update on those:

2022 Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • I began working on paint inventory. It will take longer than this year because it’s been a busy year and I haven’t had much time to do things.
  • I have also started to do paint swatches. I say started because I started over. A friend of mine made me a swatch page that I can just print instead of doing the very time consuming method I was working on before.
  • I’ve not been using the light box as much as I’d like to but I’ve had reasons for not working in the hobby room as much as I wanted.
  • Still have a huge backlog of photos to take and edit.
  • I have been working on inventory of minis slowly.

2022 Hobby Goals:

  • I worked on a few WIPs but none of the really large ones.
  • I did not do much in the RCL this year.
  • I have not started the diorama, I’m not sure I’ve finished painting all the axolotls needed for it.
  • I have been working on blends and skin tones! I think they are definitely improving.

Now that I’ve gone over this year I’m ready to make goals for 2023. Let’s start with the hobby adjacent goals. Some of these are similar or the same as this year but they still need to carry over into 2023.

2023 Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • Organize the hobby room. This is a constant project.
  • Continue backlog of photos. This includes taking, editing, and posting photos.
  • Paint swatches and inventory. I am lumping these into one category because it is easiest for me to catalog, shake, and add agitators to paints when I am swatches.
  • Setup a white board as a progress tracker.

Now for the actual hobby goals, these are being kept short because I want to go at it slowly.

2023 Hobby Goals:

  • I really want to get back into the RCL. It really helped my productivity and backlog in 2021.
  • Continue to work on improving skills and techniques I already know. Then try to learn things I don’t know how to do.

These are the things that I definitely want to do over the year. I may add more goals throughout the year as yearly goals that are different from my monthly goals. I am looking forward to the new year and what it has to bring.

What are your hobby goals for 2023? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Painting,

December 2022 Goals

November is a couple of days away from being over. That means it’s time for a wrap up and a new set of goals for December.

I’ve not gotten much done this month. I painted to completion 2 minis. It has been hectic around here so not much painting time to begin with. I am very much hoping to be able to finish these PC minis I’ve been working on. I have started the next and have a little paint on the other two.

This is where I’m at with the next one. This is Ru’ruta the Tengu.

I also have a Reaper Bones Yeti Shaman to paint up for a friend. Hoping that will be a quick paint but turn out better than my average speed paint.

As for other goals I want to start re-organizing the hobby room. I need to make better use of the space I have. I want to take my “shelf of shame” and reorganize it completely to hold more stuff instead of just abandoned projects. And I guess that’s really the only goal I have. It’s a big undertaking. This may take several months of work to actually finish to my liking.

So, not a ton of goals for the month but at least it seems attainable.

Happy Painting,

Mid-November 2022 Update

It is about halfway through the month at this point. I have gotten two of the minis for my goals painted. I still need to base them but since they are a party I want to get them all painted before I come up with a coherent basing theme. I also need to do touch-ups before that.

So here I present to you: Francesco the Swashbuckler and Grizz the Kobold Champion.

Two down, four to go.

Happy painting,

November Goals 2022

Happy Halloween, y’all!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of October. This means new goals for November. In the past I’ve done Minivember but I do not have the time or energy this year to do that. I am also not doing NaNoWriMo for the same reasons.

So what am I doing for November? I am going to continue working on my October goals. I am working on the 6 PC minis for the Pathfinder 2 game I’m in. I have started on the Catfolk Duelist and I am quite a ways into it.

I still have a long way to go on this but it’s getting there. I figure maybe a couple more sessions and then I’ll be onto the next. I have not decided which one I am doing next as of now.

This was a short update but nothing big is going on. So I’m going to keep plugging away at these and I am hoping to have them done by the end of the year.

Happy Painting,

Secret Commission: Zinogre

Earlier this year I was contacted by a client who wanted me to do a job. It took about 30 hours total to finish it. It was a very fun and challenging sculpt. I do regret not getting better pictures before it left my hands. It would not fit in my light box so I made due with what I had.

So now, for the first time, I present to you Zinogre.

This is a 3D print that the client also commissioned from elsewhere. I did the best I could to hide the texture with self-filling primer. I painted this using entirely paints from Reaper Miniatures. The freehand work was extensive and I am so happy with how it came out. The client was very happy with the final product.

This was delivered in May but I have only had time to get to it tonight. Thanks all for checking this out.

Happy Painting