I’ve done a lot this year but the end couldn’t come any quicker. I’m ready for a new year and new things to do. I’ve got a few hobby resolutions for the next year:

  • Try out new to me techniques like NMM
  • Work towards getting commission work
  • Get better at known techniques
  • Try to paint more in a week

And probably lots of other things but those are the few I can think of off hand. Hope your New Years is great and safe.


So far this month I haven’t really painted much. I sat down last night and painted the other two void sorcerers to match the one that I did up last month. I’ve only got 5 minis from Shadows of Brimstone left before wave 2 gets here. This is not counting the red minis that came with wave 1.5.

I’m hoping to carve out a little more time to paint soon but with the holidays coming up I’m not sure how much that will work out.

Minivember Photos

All my minis from the month in no particular order.