Coming up

For the next month or so I’ll be painting the Shadows of Brimstone resin minis and 4 plastic ones. This gives me 27 projects to do. There are 3 plastic ones not shown in the picture because they’ve already been cleaned and primed.

This will be my first experience painting resin. Assembly was a pain and I have to repair 4 of them before I can prime because bits came off or it came off the base. I have 3 that still need assembling. Hopefully, that will go better than when I put all the heroes together.


There has been a challenge presented over on the Reaper forums to try a technique you’ve never done before. I have until the end of the month to do this. This is a perfect time to start testing out some OSL. As soon as I find/acquire some sprue cutters I’ll be attempting this.

My to-do list is getting shorter fairly quickly but things keep getting added for one reason or another. I’m debating whether or not to do Minivember again this year and if so if I should move it to a different month, possibly just back to December to avoid the holiday struggles I had last year. This would add one extra mini for me to paint but I don’t see that as a big deal. The challenge this year will be to get one done a day (the original challenge) while I was not able to do one a day for various reasons last year I hope to change that this year if I proceed with the challenge.

March To-do list:

Goldar, Male Barbarian
DDS2 Dwarf Cleric
Seelah, Iconic Paladin
Valeros, Iconic Fighter
Kar Drakir
Khanjira Base
Shadow Tentacle Spell Effect
Pathfinder Goblins
Trun Hunters

and a few other things that may cross my desk. I also need to assemble the Shadows of Brimstone Swamp Raptor that we recently acquired, but I need to find/buy new sprue cutters for that. Some of this will probably carry over to next month.

This year so far.

It’s March! How did that happen?

So far this year I’ve painted 18 miniatures. I have a long list of things to get done soon. On that list are a few things that I want to paint to play around with new techniques like object source lighting (OSL) and some non-metallic metal (NMM).

I also want to play around with inks and the translucent minis that I have.  I want them to be painted but still see through if that’s  even possible. I’ve seen this done before, I think for me it’s just a matter of having the right kinds of paints/techniques to pull it off.

I’ve not attempted either of these things so far and I figure after 3 1/2 years it’s time. I’ve got many different miniatures that I wanted to do OSL on but didn’t want to totally mess everything up and make a fairly nice mini look sub-par by messing around with something I had no idea to do. So with Reaper’s Pathfinder Goblins I’m going to start attempting it.

For the NMM, I’m currently waiting on my BONES 3 Kickstarter to arrive. It is coming with sprues of weapons that I have no real use for otherwise since at this time I have no need/desire to do conversions.

I’m going to try to start posting photos on the regular and maybe even WIP posts for anyone interested in how I go about painting some of the things that I do. I do a lot of these kinds of posts over on the Reaper forums ( in the Craft Corner.

February 2017

Last month I finished up all of wave 1.5 of Shadows of Brimstone. I also painted up Yephima, Cloud Giant from Reaper. I started back up on Khanjira who’s about 3/4 of the way done now. I then also started Nathavarr and it’s terrain piece from Dragons Don’t Share 2.

I’m currently working on finishing up Khanjira and Nathavarr. I’ve got other things I want to do this month but until I finish those two things everything else is pretty irrelevant.


I’ve done a lot this year but the end couldn’t come any quicker. I’m ready for a new year and new things to do. I’ve got a few hobby resolutions for the next year:

  • Try out new to me techniques like NMM
  • Work towards getting commission work
  • Get better at known techniques
  • Try to paint more in a week

And probably lots of other things but those are the few I can think of off hand. Hope your New Years is great and safe.