Paint Swatch Journals

I realize this is a /very/ late write up but I got some interest in it on Instagram and thought I’d share a more detailed process than what I could fit in one post. So in January of 2018 I decided to find a way to catalog my paints. I have a spreadsheet that IContinue reading “Paint Swatch Journals”

Hobby Holder: Kickstarter #2: A Review

Here I am with another Hobby Holder review! Once again I was NOT paid to do this review, I spent my own money to acquire these items. Also, a quick note, permission was given to use the gifs and photos in this post. If it has my watermark I took it, if not it wasContinue reading “Hobby Holder: Kickstarter #2: A Review”

Tools of the Trade: Minis: Bones Black

“I’m back! Now, tell me about Bones Black.” Bones Black is a new material developed by Reaper Miniatures. As of January 2019 they will be releasing a mini a month in this material throughout the year. If you were a part of their fourth Bones Kickstarter you will also be getting some along with theContinue reading “Tools of the Trade: Minis: Bones Black”

February 2019 Goals

Where did January go? No matter where it went I’m sure it’ll be back eventually. It’s the first of February so it’s time for a monthly goals post. First some updates: I finished the Frost Giant Queen! The giveaway is still running through tomorrow so if you want to enter head over to my FacebookContinue reading “February 2019 Goals”

Tools of the Trade: Minis: Bones

“So, last time you said you’d tell me all about Bones minis. What’s the story there?” Before we get started I’m going to start by saying there is a lot of information here. That said, here we go. Bones material, sometimes called “Bonesium”, is not made from bone. Developed by Reaper Miniatures, Bones is aContinue reading “Tools of the Trade: Minis: Bones”