February RCL: Mid-Month Update

I know February is short but holy cow has it felt like the fastest February ever. I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d like. I’ve finished 2 minis and am working on 5. This is where I’m at so far. Theme: Something Shiny: Bronze Golem. Status: WIP. I just need to base this andContinue reading “February RCL: Mid-Month Update”

End of January: 2023

As far as painting goes this year has started very well. I have knocked out 5 of my monthly RCL categories and 2 of the quarterly ones. I am still plugging away at the last 3 for the month. I am almost done with my new release and freebie. The PC mini is just barelyContinue reading “End of January: 2023”

Reaper Challenge League: January

The year has started and it’s already flying by. January will be over in a matter of hours for me. I have done a lot this month, at least compared to the last several months.  This year I’m participating in the Reaper Challenge League. This is a thing that Reaper Miniatures is doing through theirContinue reading “Reaper Challenge League: January”

All Minis Eve: Step-by-Step pt. 1

This is a long post but bear with me. In my last post I mentioned All Minis Eve. This is very similar to Minivember but with a couple of twists. I will make and utilize a “Halloween countdown calendar.” This will be mini themed. Instead of candy in each pouch there will be a mini.Continue reading “All Minis Eve: Step-by-Step pt. 1”

SoB Wave 2: Update 1

I’ve finished the first two minis. They are larger so it didn’t take me as long to complete. The Sand Kraken took a few hours and Cthulhu only took about two days. I will make an update once I’ve painted everything with new and nicer photos. These are just the quick photos I took forContinue reading “SoB Wave 2: Update 1”