Hobby Holder: Kickstarter #2: A Review

Here I am with another Hobby Holder review! Once again I was NOT paid to do this review, I spent my own money to acquire these items. Also, a quick note, permission was given to use the gifs and photos in this post. If it has my watermark I took it, if not it wasContinue reading “Hobby Holder: Kickstarter #2: A Review”

Tools of the Trade: Handy Things

This week’s blog is about things that are helpful but not necessary to have around. “So what kind of things might I want to have around?” First and foremost in my opinion are notebooks. Notebooks are handy for many things in the miniature painting world. You can use them to do things like plan outContinue reading “Tools of the Trade: Handy Things”

The Hobby Holder: Review

I’m going to say this up front: I was not paid to do this review. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into it. The Hobby Holder started out on Kickstarter needing only $16,500 to begin production. They made $89,348.50 and an additional $14,651.50 in the backer kit. So needless to say this isContinue reading “The Hobby Holder: Review”